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Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Many clients come to me experiencing the effects of stress and anxiety. In fact I’d be bold enough to say the majority of clients I work with come to me with anxiety and stress in some form or another:



Panic Attacks




Feeling run down

Physical tension, aches and pains

Stress related skin conditions

Over or under eating

feeling un motivated

Low confidence

and more.....


The list of how anxiety can present itself is long!


Worrying about 'that problem' or 'issue' (past present or future), can have a far reaching affect, both emotionally and physically  


Anxiety can build up over a long period of time without us even realising it, or can occur suddenly as a result of something such as illness, trauma or a change in personal circumstances


At the extreme, people who’ve been fully in control of their lives suddenly find they are struggling to cope. Perhaps can’t face work or seeing friends; can’t even face leaving the house or picking up the phone.  For others it's simply a case of feeling a negative or niggling feeling or perhaps reduced confidence


The brain can be a funny and complex thing.  It has its own way of letting us know when things 'aren't right' and raising the alarm bell. Sometimes our usual helpful response patterns are altered and suddenly you find ourself struggling to cope.


So what is happening?


In brief, when we feel stressed or anxious, the emotional and sometimes overly protective part of our mind has a tendency of taking over.

If our automatic thinking and decision making processes are driven by negative or fearful emotions then our actions will often follow. A vicious cycle can develop

How can I help?


Using Solution focused Hypnotherapy or a cognitive behavioural approach can help you to get back in control.  Refocusing your thoughts in a more positive, and balanced way helps to engage the positive problem solving parts of your mind so that you can start to look forward again.


Continuing to work on the way you think and respond, you might also benefit from learning deep relaxation or developing mindfulness and meditation skills to help restore feelings of calm and balance, as well as providing you tools to use in the future.  


Sessions are geared to be very gentle and non-intrusive, helping to refocus the mind in a positive way. In this way, you can develop more beneficial thinking patterns, associations and behavioural responses. This will help enormously when dealing with and managing the very things that caused the stress in the first place and keep you moving forward in a way thats right for you.