Therapy Services Swansea








Supporting Individuals  

I firmly believe that clients come with a wealth of internal resources and solutions. When faced with challenges, a little support and encouragement from a trained professional can really help you to recognise and access these resources and move forward in a positive way


An understanding and supportive yet practical approach is offered,

As an experienced Practitioner I offer a number of approaches which include:


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Mindfulness and Acceptance

  • General Psychotherapy

  • Solution focused Hypnotherapy

  • Occupational Therapy



An initial consultation gives you an opportunity to discuss your needs and establish a focus for future sessions as well as helping to determine the best approach for you.



Fees -


Initial Consultation £45



£40 per session thereafter (sessions are up to an hour in duration)


Swansea City Centre 

£45 per session thereafter



I offer a number of consessions for health related referrals and students. Please enquire for further details


Student rate: £30 per session


For Occupational Therapy specific assessment or intervention, please enquire for costing.