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Depression - Imroving Mood

I have been working with people with depression for over 14years. The best results I see come from a holistic approach


Support and a therapeutic space to be able to talk things through and develop strategies to cope and overcome obstacles  is emmensely beneficial and can compliment medical treatment


Depression is a common psychological disorder and almost anyone can be affected at some point during their life. Although figures change, research suggests between 5 and 10% of the population suffer from depression to some extent at any given time


It is important to acknowledge that there is a considerable difference between feeling a little down from time to time and having a depressive disorder. If feelings don’t subside quickly, or they start affecting everyday life, it is important to seek professional help



Living with depression


Living with depression can affect appetite, sleep, work and the way a person feels about themselves and life. Whilst friends, family or colleagues might try to encourage an individual suffering from depression to ‘snap out of it’, if a person is depressed, the chances are that it isn’t as easy as that.


This is not a sign of weakness, but part of the depressive illness.


For some there are clear triggers for the onset of depression, but for others it might not be so obvious. Whatever the cause, there is help and support available, and it is important to seek advice as soon as possible. This can help prevent things from becoming worse and ultimately will help to get life back on track






Understanding depression can be really helpful. For more information on depression, symptoms and to look at the different treatments and support available click on the 'more support' link


If you feel you might be struggling with depression it is important to seek guidance and a diagnosis from your general medical practitioner in the first instance



Treatment for depression - Taking back in control


Counselling and psychotherapy are extremely effective ways of treating mild to moderate depression. Medication might also be prescribed by a GP or consultant.

The practice of meditation such as mindfulness and deep relaxation can also be effective self management tools to help you get life back on track


There are different types of depression, which vary in symptoms and presentation. They also respond to different medications and approaches so seeking a proper diagnosis is essential


Counselling/psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help an individual to understand what is happening, to work through any difficult emotions and ultimately establish a more helpful way of thinking, coping and responding.





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