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I just wanted to say thank you for your support. I am so pleased I met you at the Health and Wellbeing event. Since i sarted my treatment I have experienced a remarkable improvement in all aspects, particularly when it comes to my diet, energy levels and general wellbeing. I have lost weight and am no longer taking anti depressants. I sleep better and enjoy listening to the CD you gave me. The combination of hypnotherapy and reflexology is great and I very much look forward to my next session.


Joanne V Swansea. (Weight management/ Stress management)


"Sleep has been a problem for me since I was 18 years old, nearly 40 yrs ago.  Jo has helped me to recognise that I can control my thoughts before I go to sleep so that I am not trying to solve all my problems during the dark hours when my mind should be relaxed and sleeping.  This has given me so much more energy during the day when I can use my more organised thoughts to solve any problems!"


CR, Swansea Marina. (Sleep problems)



"Anxiety and stress used to make my life miserable and school difficult to cope with.  Jo has helped me find methods of relieving stress and keeping my anxiety to a minimum.  I am now able to be a lot more confident in myself.  In school I have been able to control all the problems that I have faced, all thanks to Jo"


NH Clydach (16 Yrs Old)  (Exam stress/Confidence and Anxiety)



"Well what can I say, your support has changed my life! Before seeing you I was in a bit of an anxious pickle, now I am back on track and looking forward! I cannot thank you enough! So friendly and professional, I would trust you to treat my nearest and dearest. If anyone reading this is thinking about therapy but a bit apprehensive, just give Jo a ring- I wish I'd booked her earlier!!

I do not think I would be in my job if it weren't for you Jo!"


R.J Swansea (Anxiety, phobia and Stress)


"I was sleeping badly, feeling stressed, frustrated and low in my mood. I was constantly tired and in discomfort. Coming to see Jo helped me to understand what was going on and what I needed to do to get back in control and back on track again. Jo’s sessions and the CD really helped me to sleep  and think about things in a better way.

I am now sleeping, am a lot more active and in less pain. The things that were troubling me might not be all gone, but I am able to cope so much better. The hypnotherapy sessions have really changed my life"


Annonymous Swansea (Chronic pain condition)


"A combination of ill health and 3 family deaths really set me at a low ebb. I was so grateful that I was able to tap into your help and find my way back to a better place in life. I feel that with your support I have come out of this horrible experience being a much better and more relaxed individual. You have helped me to view the world in a far more positive light and that is something which I shall be forever grateful for. I would strongly recommend anyone who is seeking help for anxiety and depression like myself to contact you. I simply don't know where I would be without you now. Thank you so very very much"


CE, Caerphilly Borough (Anxiety and depression)



"I am doing amazingly well! Actually, I am mentally stronger than I have ever been... went back to work last week, (after a period of sick leave), and moved house on the weekend and wasnt stressed one bit!! Laughed  everything off and had fun. So much more positive! All thanks to you. I never thought I would cope with such stress.... Thanks Jo"


Anonnymous (Stress, Anxiety and Depression)



"After having hypnotherapy with Jo, I feel mentally stronger which helps me to deal with my long term health condition"


K.T Swansea (Long Term health condition)



"After a few session of hypnotherapy with Jo - I now feel so much more positive and confident"


R.T  Swansea (Confidence building)


"Jo worked with me throughout my final exams and taught me techniques to reamin calm and focused under pressure. During my mock exams I had really struggled with nerves to the point where it had affected my grades. After sessions with Jo I was amazed at how cool and collected I felt through out my finals - and managed to pass everything! It really helped me to get back in control. Thanks Jo!"


R.J Student in Swansea (Exam stress and anxiety)


"Just a quick note to say thankyou for all your patience and understanding throughout the sessions to overcome my phobia. Couldnt have done it without you. Thanks Again."


Student (Annonymous) Swansea (Needle phobia)