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What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines the forward looking aspects of brief solution focused therapy with clinical hypnosis, to form a powerful and relaxing therapy to help you make positive changes and achieve your personal goals, whatever they might be.


What to expect at an Appointment?

After an initial consultation to help better understand and determine your goals, a series of sessions can be agreed. At subsequent sessions, time is spent discussing progress, eliciting your goals and focussing your mind in a positive and solution focused way.

Following this, you will be guided in to a relaxing and comfortable state of hypnosis (or trance)


What is Hypnosis/Trance?


Hypnosis or Trance is in many ways a very ordinary state of mind. We can drift in and out of Trance throughout our day without realising. It is used in Hypnotherapy to relax our mind and focus our attention more fully on specific issues, concerns and goals.

In this way, we can access and let go of unhelpful and unwanted subconscious thought patterns, and re-establish more beneficial and solution focused patterns of thinking and behaving.  


Why Solution focused hypnotherapy?


Unlike other forms of counselling and psychotherapy, there is no need to discuss painful past memories and events in great detail. Therapy is designed to concentrate on what you WANT to happen or how you want to be thinking and feeling, rather than what you don't want.


Can anyone be hypnotized?


We all go in to trance like states, so anyone can benefit from hypnosis. The process of therapy is a collaborative one, between you as an individual and myself as your therapist and as such relies on your openness and willingness to change.

Will I lose control?


No, trance is just deep concentration, you are focusing intently on one thing but you can bring yourself around to focus on something else whenever you want to. If you think of driving a car or crossing the road, you may be daydreaming about what to have for dinner but if something ran out in front of you you would re-focus and apply the brake. The same principle applies with Hypnosis. You remain in control.  


Additional benefits of Hypnosis?


As hypnosis utilises relaxation and encourages the practice of positive solution focussed thought, you will benefit from all the positive benefits of these too. The more you practice relaxation, and positive thinking the more you will be able to relax and maintain a positive focus whenever and where ever you are.




£45 Initial Consultation



£40 per session thereafter (sessions approx 45min to an hour)

Swansea City Centre

£45 per session thereafter



I offer a number of consessions for health related referrals and students. Please enquire for further details

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