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Coping with Change

Throughout my career, it has never ceased to amaze me how different we all are when it comes to coping with change


What one person might perceive as a mountain, another as a mole hill.

As creatures of habit, it can be tough facing changes in our lives, especially if they are BIG!


But it is also worth noting that for change to cause us worry and stress, it doesn’t necessarily have to be big. Perhaps just a lot (or even just a few) small changes over a period of time that build up


Coping with change can cause stress levels to soar, especially if we are beating ourselves up by comparing ourselves to wonder man or woman next door or stuck in the 'what if' trap


Whether you are faced with lots of little changes or something bigger like illness, divorce, redundancy or the loss of a loved one, and you are struggling to cope, then it is important to get some support.


If you are contemplating booking to see me for talking based therapy or hypnotherapy to help you then you might find reading my page about stress and anxiety useful too


Hypnotherapy and talking therapies can help you to deal with the emotions associated with whatever is troubling you and reduce the stress and anxiety you might be feeling. We can then work on helping you to look forward again. To re kindle the optimism and confidence you might be struggling to find at the moment and establish helpful thought pattens which will support you to get back on track and feel in control again




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You will be amazed at the skills you actually possess and the solutions you can find.


Perhaps you are struggling to see them right now as emotions can cloud thinking processes and coping abilities. But with a little support and a helping hand, we can help you to look back and be proud of the changes you made, the skills you discovered you had and how well you CAN actually cope.


With my background as an Occupational therapist and wellbeing advisor I have built up a good data base of resources and useful networks too. I am happy to refer you to alternative services and resources if we identify additional or specific support that you might benefit from too.


Your wellbeing is always my priority. It is important to inform your general practitioner of any changes to your health and wellbeing as there may be suport that they can access for you too


For more information or to book an appointment do get in touch


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