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Pregnancy and Child Birth

Benefits beyond pain management


Expectant Mums often decide to look for hypnotherapy to help them with pain management during the birthing process.

Many Mums (and Dad’s) don’t realize there are benefits in using hypnotherapy from conception, through each stage of pregnancy as well as birth, and even in to the early months once baby has arrived


We tend to associate hypnotherapy with being ‘just for Mum’, but I encourage clients to see the benefits for baby, and Dad (or birthing partner) too!


Why Hypnotherapy


With the medicalization of child birth in our modern society, cultural trends have meant our perception and association with birth has increasingly become one of concern and fear


This is a dramatic shift from the natural, primitive and intuitive process that child birth actually is. We have been giving birth since we first walked the earth and our body is designed for it


Hypnotherapy it is all about reassurance, relaxation and allowing the body to let go of fear or any negative pre conceptions about birth, and to relax in to the most natural and wonderful moment of a woman’s life.


When we feel afraid our nervous system produces adrenalin which starts the bodys natural fight or flight response. For a woman in labour, this can increase tightening of the cervix in order to slow down labour.


Feeling relaxed during labour helps Mum conserve energy to push, and ensures a high level of oxygen is entering the body which is not only good for the baby but also good for the production of endorphins which are the body's natural pain reliever too


Benefits of hypnotherapy for childbirth


Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully natural and gentle approach with a wide range benefits which can


reduce labour time

reduce fatigue in Mum during and after birth

reduce the risk of intervention during birth

speed up postnatal recovery time

improves chances of baby feeding and sleeping better

help aches and discomforts during pregnancy

help reduce morning sickness

assists the natural birthing process

improve oxygen levels in mother and baby

help resolve anxiety associated with past experience


I encourage clients to come to see me as early on as possible, so they can use hypnotherapy to full advantage. Dad’s to be or birthing partners are also encouraged to attend so that they can understand the process and give the best support to Mum to be.


Early on in pregnancy we encourage plenty of relaxation, learning self-hypnosis techniques which will really help you with this.

We can also work on any specific issues or concerns you might have to keep you relaxed throughout your pregnancy


In the last few months, we will work on preparing for birth, with additional techniques in preparation for the moment baby is ready to arrive


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me for an informal chat or to book a consultation via my contact page

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