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Being confident can have huge benefits in many areas of life. It can help when maintaining positive relationships, career progression, social life, and of course a positive state of mind too


Self confidence is closely linked to self esteem so is also about having faith in yourself and your own abilities, being able to reflect positively on your strengths and abilities and the person that you are


With confidence we can express our self in social environments such as with peers, family or at work. We are more likely to think in a positive and helpful way, as well as respond to situations in a positive way


When confidence and/or self esteem are low, life can become more of a challenge. It can create barriers to moving forward with work, relationships, social life and your wellbeing can suffer too


The good news is that self confidence is a skill which can be learnt. With support, time and practice a new mind set can be established


If you are feeling any of the following, you might well be struggling with your confidence:


•Shy and uneasy

•Uncomfortable or anxious in certain situations

•Uncertain of your self

•Feeling unable to express your wants and needs to others

•Sense of worthlessness

•Seeking approval or overly seeking reassurance from others

•Negative thoughts about yourself





Confidence often develops throughout your early life but is also influenced by events as we go through life. The good news is that everyone has the ability to improve their self-confidence

Often all that is required is a little support and to be shown how


Hypnotherapy and Talking therapies - Improving self esteem and confidence


There are a vast array of books and online self help resources for people wanting to build self esteem and confidence, but sometimes Talking things through with a trained psychotherapist or using solution focused hypnotherapy can really help you to get to grips with and develop positive self-esteem and confidence.


I see good success with both appraoches. A consultation can determine which approach best suits you.


Therapy supports you to move away from the root cause of low self-esteem and confidence and to re-establish a more positive way of thinking about about yourself and the way you relate to others.


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