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Persistent/chronic pain

Pain Management is an area I specialise in.  Having worked as an occupational therapist in the NHS and Charitable sector providing condition management support including pain management, I offer a great deal of understanding and expertise


Most of the time when we experience pain we can see our general medical practitioner and get to the root of the problem, or take an over the counter painkiller that will effectively take away that pain.


There are however many people whose pain doesn't just disappear after a few days or weeks and whom still suffer from long term chronic pain (i.e. pain that has lasted longer than six months).


The underlying causes are many - cancer, physical trauma, arthritis, fibromyalgia or migraine to name a few.


When trying to cope with persistent pain, emotional well-being can be hard to maintain, ranging from feelings of Depression and Anxiety about the future or intense frustration about restrictions on every day activities. It can start to dominate all aspects of life and even make pain worse


The better we understand the mechanisms of pain and what keeps it going in persistent pain conditions, the more we can relieve the burden it can cause.  


The NHS has finally cottoned on to the need for a holistic approach and positive pain support services are emerging. However the waiting lists are often long and people left to cope without interim support or coping strategies other than medication


This is the point at which hypnotherapy or a cognitive beahavioural appraoch can step in and help. There is now positive clinical evidence to support the use of hypnotherapy and cognitive based therapies to suuport people with persistent pain


The use of deep relaxation and mindfulness are also now widely accepted as positive tools to cope with pain.


I am pleased to offer Hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural Therapy approaches, deep relaxation and mindfulness based appraiches to clients wanting to better manage pain.


One to one support or group sessions can be really life changing!


Therapy can help you to see beyond 'limitations', to re-focus on what you can do and start getting control back in your life again

I will provide you with a free CD which will help you to better relax and increase the effectiveness of the work we do in sessions


Teaching you techniques such as self-hypnosis that can be used at home, you can benefit both from the reduced experience of pain and appreciate a much improved sense of well-being and quality of life.


During sessions, we can work on any specific issues. A course of sessions will equip you with a tool kit of helpful ways to better manage your pain and enjoy your life again


It is essential that anyone coming to me for support in managing a chronic pain condition should seek a formal diagnosis from a qualified medical practitioner. Pain is after all the body’s signal that lets us know something is wrong, and the causes of chronic pain should be thoroughly investigated in the first instance.



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