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Performance Anxiety & Public speaking

You have an important meeting, perhaps you are best man at a wedding or you have been asked to give a talk at work and you are terrified. It might seem irrational, but your heart races and you break a sweat just at the thought


Why is this? 


In brief, what is happening is the primative and subconsious part of our mind is getting it a little wrong. The part of our mind that is responsible for protecting us is perceiving a situation to be physically or emotionally threatening when actualy, it is not


Effectively, the mind sends out all the responses helpful for defending ourselves against a grizzly bear... (Fight... Flight... Freeze - hide away until the danger has gone), when really the situation isnt actually that dire


Intellectually you are probably fully aware of this and you might even be getting quite frustrated because you cant seem to shake it off and change the way you are feeling


This primative and protective part of our mind is very habitual and if we have developed an association or response pattern then it can be tough to break, especially when it is connected with what our mind thinks is survival!


The good news is that you can re learn and develop more helpful associations, thinking patterns and responses







How Can I Help?


The use of a cognitive behavioural approach or solution focused hypnotehrapy can help you to recognise the times when your automatic thoughts are chasing you in to an unhelpful response pattern


We can then work on re establishing more useful associations, automatic thought patterns as well as equip you with the skills to defuse anxiety, relax and feel confident in any situation



If you are struggling then please feel free to contact me for more info or to book an appointment. You can find contact details on my contact page

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