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Imroving Sleep

Sleep is a wonderful thing. When our sleep patterns are in good working order, we feel great. We are able to function and cope with the day to day demands of life


But when we can't sleep and Insomnia starts to take over our life, then bedtime can become daunting and our health and wellbeing can feel like it’s on a downward spiral


The amount of sleep we need varies from person to person. Whilst some only need 4 to 5 hours, other people can barely function unless they’ve had their eight hours

You may or may not know that the amount we need reduces as we age too.


There are some fantastic online resources which I have included below, where you can find useful and interesting information on sleep. There is now plenty of practical advice, and tips on how to get a good night sleep. Something we call ‘sleep hygiene’. I will be giving you more information about this if you are coming to see me for help with sleep problems


The reasons for sleep disturbance can be numerous.  Illness, stress and anxiety, depression, pain and discomfort and many other causes which might not be so serious.

You might be struggling to get off to sleep or waking up in the early hours unable to get back to sleep or it could be you simply have a disrupted sleep pattern.  


Whatever the problem, it can cause issues beyond the night time. During the day you might be experiencing tiredness, lack of concentration and poor memory, mood changes such as irritability or feeling low. It can even contribute to or make health problems worse.


Whatever the underlying cause or impact, we know that improved sleep will bring with it improved health and wellbeing


Sleep is the time when our bodies rest and repair and our mind processes the information from the day

How can I help?


Hypnotherapy can help you in a number of ways. Of course it depends on the underlying cause of your difficulties. It can help you to address issues such as stress, anxiety and worry, pain or unhelpful habits and routines.

It can also help you learn how to refocus your mind ready for bed, to relax and switch off, and give your body and its internal clock the best opportunity for a good night’s sleep.


Deep relaxation and meditation are also valuable skill that when integrated in to your daily life, will benefit you with sleep and more.


If you feel you need additional support, my hypnosis Relaxation CD or introduction to Mindfulness CD are both great starting points for improving sleep. My clients often tell me that listening to the CD really helps them to drift off in to a restful sleep.

A free CD is available to clients booking an initial consultation, or can be purchased seperately on request.


If you are battling with sleep and would like to ask any further questions or arrange a consultation get in touch


For useful tips to get you started for free visit The British Sleep Council  


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