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Sports performance and motivation


So what's stopping you being your best?


Pre match nerves

Distracted by the crowd

Cant sleep the night before a competition

That moment of panic before you take an all important shot

A gruelling training schedule and more......


Most of you know that the more we worry and enage in negative anticipation, the more we tense up, lose focus and so a self fulfilling prophecy unfolds


I really enjoy working with people to improve their sports performance. Most athletes and sports people are really well engaged as they come with a prety clear goal in mind. This makes our sessions that much more focused and seeing the results are really rewarding!  


Chances are, you will have heard of Hypnotherapy being used to help your favorite athletes and sporting icons as it's almost considered a training essential these days


Hypnotherapy can be used in a number of ways to help with sporting issues. The methods I use are taken from NLP and Solution focussed hypnotherapy


Perhaps you've been able to achieve that move, beat your personal best or take the perfect kick in practice, but when it comes to do it on the day, something seems to go wrong or gets in the way? (and I dont mean the oposition)





Mental Rehearsal


The use of mental rehearsal and preparation combined with hypnosis helps establish a more positive and relaxed subconsious template that allows you to just get on with it on the day and do what you do best

We can work on helping you to focus both in training and competition.


More than Mental Rehearsal


- Improving your sleep the night before a big event so that your energy levels are at their optimum and your mind clear and focussed


- You need a certain amount of adrenaline to push you that extra mile, but too much mental tension increases physical tension, contributing to tight muscles and poor movement


- Stress can have a negative impact on the bodies healing and recovery response, reducing the bodies ability to deal effectively with inflamation and infection


Hypnotherapy can also help you to relax before and after a game optimising your ability to prepare or to recover so you are at your best!


To find out more or book a consultation please get in touch. You can find my contact details on my contact page




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