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Therapy Services Swansea







What is Occupational Therapy?


Occupational therapists have a comprehensive medical training covering both physical and psychological conditions


An Occupational therapist provides support, therapy and advice that helps people to engage in every day activities and positively over come or adapt to events in life that affect health and wellbeing


Occupational therapists take a holistic view of people, and therefore address psychological, social and physical aspects of a persons situation


Occupational therapists empower people to discover and develop their own internal resources to overcome challenges and work toward their goals in a positive way



What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is a general term for talking therapy. During psychotherapy a person learns about their thoughts, feelings and behavious and develops skills to better respond to and overcome life's challenges





What is Condition Management?


Condition management helps individuals with physical and/or mental health needs to better manage their health and wellbeing in a positive way. It is an empowering, practical and supportive approach that can be offered to clients seeking support independently, or, if agreed, via their employer to help them to maintain health and wellbeing in work.


A condition management practitioner (usually a trained and registered health care professional) will conduct a thorough and holistic assessment. Following which, recommendations may be made and support, advice and guidance offered.

An agreed intervention package can be delivered to address key areas of need, and additional signposting or onward referral to additional services might be recommended.

A condition Manaement practitioner does not aim to replace the support offered by Occupational Health services, bit instead compliments and adds value and support to the existing provision.


What Approaches do I offer? 


Whilst it is important to acknowledge and learn from the past, ultimately my focus is to help people move forward in a positive way. This is refelcted in the use of cognitive behavioural, solution focused, mindfulness and acceptance based approaches. These approaches are applied to one to one support sessions, work with employers as well as in training and wellbeing workshops too.

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